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Appalachian hardwood and laminate flooring

The Appalachian flooring company derives their name from the Applachian mountain range, which spans from Newfoundland to Alabama. This majestic mountain range has withstood the test of time and now is home to the Appalachian hardwood flooring company.

The Appalachian mountains is also where Appalachian gets their raw material. Appalchian's product line includes Red Oak, Cherry, Black Walnut, Yellow Birch, and Hard Maple for a start. Apalachian's slogan is 'straight from our forests to your feet!' Mainly because the wood is harvested from the great Canadian forests.

Appalachian is very proud of their beautiful hardwood floors and do not tolerate mistakes in their production process. Every plank produced is checked over for flaws. Needless to say, Appalachian is very detailed in terms of the product they produce. They use a detailed quality control process to ensure this, along with cutting edge technology.

Appalachian also is happy to be an environmentally friendly company. They recycle as much wood production residue as possible.

Appalachian hardwood and laminate flooring reviews

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