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Flooring Reviews and More

Welcome to hardwood-floor.ca! This website has reviews of all your favorite flooring manufacturers. This includes Bruce, Capella, Scandian, Tarkett flooring and much more. We have product selections of all the flooring brands listed here, so you can find what you're looking for. Not only do we have different flooring brands, we have different types and styles of floor, as well. Hardwood flooring reviews should be helpful when you are looking for what kind of floor you would like to install. Seeking advice is always a sound idea. We also list contact details and more information for each manufacturer, so that you can get support when you need it.

Are you trying to make the choice between unfinished flooring or prefinished? Unfinished flooring is usually purchased by home builders. It must be sanded once it arrives at the construction site. Then, after being installed, it has to be finished. A lot of work! If you're thinking to remodel your home, most homeowners buy prefinished floor. This floor is already sanded and finished at the factory. When you get it home, you just need to install it! Well, you may need to rip your existing floor out, mind you. You'll also likely need to put down an underlay beneath the floor first.

Bamboo Wood Flooring, Cork Flooring

We have bamboo wood flooring, cork flooring, engineered hardwood flooring, floating floor, hardwood floor tiles, laminate flooring, and much more. Be sure to browse the different types of floor available as well as the different brands. By doing so you will be able to find your selection easier then before.

Hardwood Installation

Looking for how to install hardwood floor? We have guides on how to install engineered floor, wood floor finishes, plank edge styles, and much more. What better way to read about how to install your floor while you are looking for a proper floor to purchase here on our website.

Installation details will differ from floor to floor. Some floor styles require nail down installation, where nails and a hammer are used to install the floor. Other flooring styles could include glue down, where glue and adhesive is used to cement the floor to the sub floor and underlay. There are a number of installation steps. Even before getting to the installation component, there will be pre-installation components. These components include verifying the integrity of the sub floor. Also, usually there is an underlay which is placed down before flooring installation begins.

If you are looking for ease of installation (and most homeowners are), then you may consider Click Flooring or Unilock. Different flooring manufacturers have different built-in systems that allow quick and easy installation. Click Flooring goes together just like it sounds - it 'clicks.' Be sure to read reviews of all the different flooring manufacturers, in order to build your own conclusion of how to obtain ease of installation while at the same time, not compromising the integrity or quality of the flooring you wish to install.

Hardwood Flooring on Sale

Lots of retailers will claim they are having a sale - but are they really? Often times, the price is marked up and then marked down. Be sure to do research on the floor you are buying, before you buy it. Try googling the name of the floor you are thinking to purchase. Take a look at the results that you find online. Is the price for the flooring at the local retailer, about the same as the online price? Or is the online price better? You can often find the same flooring you are buying online for a better price. That's our objective here, too - if we can provide a better 'on sale' pricing, we're happy to do that for our site visitors.

Featured products for Sunday

Turlington American Exotics Maple Engineered Hardwood Flooring
Turlington American Exotics Maple Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Price : $231.02 USD
This piece from Bruce comes with 28 square feet of ... [For More]

Bruce Dundee Wide Plank Solid Hardwood Flooring
Bruce Dundee Wide Plank Solid Hardwood Flooring

Price : $166.78 USD
This hardwood flooring from Bruce comes in a carton. In ... [For More]

Hardwood Refresher Floor Care System-Bona Ultimate Microfiber
Hardwood Refresher Floor Care System-Bona Ultimate Microfiber

Price : $59.95 USD
Bona's Ultimate Hardwood Floor Care System includes a sampling of ... [For More]


Price : $24.98 USD
Hardwood floor scratch repair system fills, stains, finishes and seals ... [For More]

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