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Bruce Hardwood Floors

Bruce Hardwood Flooring offers hardwood floors premiums to keep pace with the lifestyle of your family. Bruce offers the largest selection of colors and styles for wood flooring, virtually care-free finishes and our guarantee of quality. Hardwood floors that are incredibly beautiful, highly durable and very affordable. And as always, they are natural and safe for the environment. Even with Bruce hardwood floors, you can see the difference in the wood in each plank. This gives your hardwood floors the unique appearance that you want  which is not always easy to find. If you're not sure what you want, this can also be a challenge. Take a look at a few of the different Bruce Hardwood Floor styles available and reviewed here. Another word of advice would be to check out all the different colors available for each flooring collection. Although you may not like the default color for a floor, you may come across an alternative color scheme that you prefer.

This variation exists in all grades of hardwood flooring Bruce, because no two boards are the same. You must be careful, even if it is solid hardwood. If you place furniture with sharp edges on the floor of the Dent hardwood. Bruce wood flooring also goes through a natural process of aging so if you have an area covered with a carpet, when the floor underneath will be lighter in color. It is recommended to move the rug occasionally to avoid discoloration.

Bruce Hardwood Flooring - Contact & Support Details

Website: www.bruce.com
Phone: 1.800.233.3823
Hours: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm EST Monday - Friday

Armstrong Flooring, Inc.
Customer Relations and Technical Services
P.O. Box 3025
Lancaster, PA 17604

Bruce Hardwood Flooring - Product Lineup:

Hardwood Flooring
Engineered Hardwood
Solid Hardwood
Laminate Flooring

Bruce Hardwood Floors reviews

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