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Installation process of Hardwood Flooring over a Concrete Slabs

In relative humidity hardwood is a living substances, Before and after the installation hardwood gains/loses moisture depending on surrounding conditions.

Generally wood expands or contracts, in the summer when humidity level increases or reaches to max for the hardwood and in winter when humidity level is lower and going down.

In orded to minimize the expansion or contraction on hardwood floors then the building must be well ventilated and the relative humidity level maintained at 45% - 55 % through out the year. The cement work should be completely dry before plastering the floor.

Always test the Concrete Slabs for excess moisture
Rubber Mat - Method Good for only Light Coloured Concrete
Keep the non-corrugated rubber mat on slab and by placing a weight on the top of that will help not to move the mat and prevents the moisture from escapin and leave the mat remain there for atleast 24-48 hours. And if the covered area shows wet/dark marks, that means too much moisture is present which is good!
Polyethylene film method
12 inches (30cms) square of clear polyethylene film on the slab with plastic moisture resistant tape and sealing all four ends of the floor by taping.
When no condensation collects under the film then the slab is dry after 12 hours for installing the floor.
Always do the tests in several areas of every room. When you are comfortable and moisture level indicates excess moisture, wait until the slab gets dry naturally or accelerate drying by heat/ventilation, Keep testing again and again before you start installing floors.

Installation process of Hardwood Flooring over a Concrete Slabs

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