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Kahrs Wood Flooring

As one of the oldest brand of hardwood floors and more popular in Europe, Kahrs brings a level of quality, variety and beauty that is unmatched in the business. Kahr floors also patented a mixed system which makes installation a breeze.

Kahrs flooring is available in one, two and three strip designs five collections and includes over a dozen domestic and exotic species. Most of their collections are avilable for blocking, without an adhesive. Part of the durability of flooring Kahrs HDF comes from the center of the material is very resistant to the threat.

Floor Guard System exclusively for floors from Kahrs

The Floor Guard System is manufactured in the care you get when you choose a Kahrs wood flooring. An example of speech Guard System is the paint we use, which eliminates virtually all micro scratches. The minutes of annoying scratches in the paint may occur when, for example, the protective pads with worn furniture is dragged across the floor.

The difficulty is to find a very strong lacquer that must be true in a thin layer, which makes wood flooring to retain its natural glow. All our development is done in cooperation with manufacturers of paint, so that we can offer floors that retain their true and natural is both extremely durable.

Kahrs Wood Flooring Reviews

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