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Engineered Flooring

Hardwood flooring is now available in hardwood floors engineering - a major innovation that the use of real hardwood is improving, and costs only a fraction of solid hardwood. Floor engineered wood is manufactured with several layers. The top layer is real hardwood, the floor you stand on the same resources to real hardwood you always dreamed of owning. In fact, it has several advantages over hardwood flooring solid. Because the other layers of flooring engineered wood are made of plywood or fibreboard high density, engineered hardwood resists the tendency of solid hardwood to expand and contract with humidity changes and temperature.


The floor can be sanded


The advantage of the Prosecutor cons Parquet laminate can be sanded after scratches and bumps to develop. Two catches, however:


Limited Sanding Engineered flooring can not be sanded more than 1-3 times (depending on thickness of the finish).

Professional Sanding Recommended - Due to the low tolerance for failure with Parquet sanding, I seriously recommend that you have a professional do the sanding. It is very easy to gouge your floor, engineered wood, revealing the cons plywood underneath.

Engineered Flooring Reviews

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