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Plank Edge Styles

Hardwood flooring planks have a beveled edge or square. The depth of the V-groove bevel can vary from one manufacturer to another. Eased edge has a V-groove very shallow, not as deep as the older, wooden floors solid old.

Beveled Edge: Beveled edge boards are very distinctive, deep V-Groove. They lend themselves to a more informal setting. The bevel depth helps hide surface irregularities that might result in difference in height between the shelves.
Eased Edge Planks :   Each plate has a slight beveled edge, or shallow V-Groove. Eased edge is also referred to micro-beveled.
Square Edge Planks: The edges of all planks meet to create a square surface smooth and uniform that combines the wooden floor and an advice. The overall look of this floor gives a more contemporary style and feel to the room remains.

Plank Edge Style Reviews

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