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Robbins hardwood flooring

As any other hardwood floor you can Vacuum or sweep your floor once a week, or more if you have kids or needed. The vacuum head must be brush or felt and never use vacuums with beater bars or hard heads which can damage the floor. A good quality dust mop is recommended to eliminate finer particles of grit and dirt that can act like sandpaper on a hardwood floor mostly when you house is located on the traffic roads or if you can to much traffic into your home or kids around. Keep animal nails trimmed to prevent scratches on the floor.
No Issues With Robbins Hardwood flooring

Taking care is so simple for the Robin floors by Wipeing up spills immediately or as soon as possible.
Door mats and throw rugs outside room entrances and in front of kitchen sink and refrigerator to help keep dirt and grit off your hardwood floor, which helps to prevent damage and excessive wear.
Place runners and area rugs along high-traffic areas in enteraces.
Move heavy appliances and furniture by using a dolly rolled over plywood or pressed board to avaoid dents and perminent scrataches. Use plastic furniture leg protector pads under all furniture legs.
Replace hard, narrow furniture rollers with wide rubber rollers which can cut your hardwood floor in center.
Keep the relative humidity in your home between 45% and 55% all the time.
Protect your floor from direct sunlight by using blinds or cartens in the home.

Never try on Robbins Hardwood flooring

Use ammonia based cleaners, acrylic finishes, wax based products, detergents, bleach, polishes and oil soaps, or abrasive cleaning soaps.
Never allow water to stand on your floor for any length of time always try to use a dry cloth and squeze out in bucket and suck it until it sucks all the water on the floor and use a fan to get dryed quicker.
Walk across hardwood floor in poorly maintained shoes with heel taps, spike heels or with any sharp object protruding from your shoes can/ might damage the floor and reduces the hardwood floor life;
Allow furniture to rest on the floor on small metal tips/sharper edges or hard domes for damaging when they stays longer on the same end can show a permenet mark on the floor Never drag any tables, or sofa, or any hard furniture on the floor which can damage the floor

Small Notes on Robbins hardwood flooring

For stains use Robbins approved products on there website. We recommand not to try any other products when you are not sure how they work. Some times any products that is expensive or cheeper can spoile your floor which you have to take full responsiblity for that;

Robbins hardwood flooring

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