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Refinishing your hardwood floor

The first step is sanding. However, you're going to want to make sure there are no nails, staples, or tacks lurking above the floor. If there are nails protruding, pound them down. Remove any carpet staples or tacks that are protruding as well. If any of these touch your sandpaper it will ruin your work and destroy your sandpaper. You're going to want to remove any rugs and furniture from the room as well, so it's easier to spot these if they are coming out of the floor.

Second step is to get a floor sander. You can rent one from a local rental shop. Drum sanders do an alright job; you'll want to keep it moving though. Don't keep it in one spot as it can sand a low spot into the floor that will be harder to remove later. There are also newer orbital sanders; you decide which you want to use. You'll also need some sandpaper of course for your sander. Be sure to run the sander in the direction the floor's grain goes. Pull or push the sander so you are making straight and even strokes. Sanding across the grain is a no-no. If you have scratches or lines in the floor, make sure to send these until they're removed.
Once the whole floor is sanded, use a lighter sandpaper instead. Go over your floor again with this new, lighter sandpaper. If your sander dosen't reach the end of the floor, use an edger.

Congratulations, you're done sanding. Now you're onto staining.
If you want to stain your floor, you can do this next part. If you want to leave the wood as is, in it's natural state, then you can skip this part and go to finishing.
If you decide to stain, first brush the floor so it's clear of any sawdust using a broom. Then use a shop vaac or a tack rag to clean it. You'll want a nice clean floor, so the stain works well. During the next part you may want to ventilate the area. Begin staining the floor with a first coat. Allow it to try then use a second. Before you begin finishing the floor, ensure it is completely dry.

Finishing the floor
You'll be using polyurethane with a roller or a brush to apply your finish. Stir the can first of course, then use nicely even strokes going with the grain to nicely apply your finish. Allow it to try, this usually takes at least 2-4 hours. Then add a second coat. If you're applying it to an area where lots of people will be walking about, you may want to even apply a third. Of course, give time to dry between coats. After that, give it at least a few days (4) before putting your furniture, rugs etc. back onto the floor.

Refinishing your hardwood floor

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