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Kahrs hardwood and laminate flooring

Kahrs has been producing quality wood flooring since 1857. There are over 100 different varieties of wood you can purchase from them, and their floors can be purchased with a lifetime guarantee. Kahrs also manufactures their 'Woodloc' joints. These joints lock together to form a cohesive bond, which is very useful for first time hardwood floor installers or the avid DIYer. The boards automatically align together so no glue is needed. The joint is very durable and the floor will last a lifetime. The best part is because no glue is used in the installation, the boards can be lifted up and used again on a different flooring project later on if need be.

Kahrs is also an environmentally friendly company; they only fell selected trees. Those trees are then replanted to make sure the forest is not being destroyed. As with most flooring companies, Kahrs is interested in the well being of the ecozone. Having a renewable source of wood is in their best interest.

Kahrs hardwood and laminate flooring reviews

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