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Columbia Flooring

Columbia 40 years of experience, technical expertise and a wide range of solid flooring and parquet adapted room almost all and everyone. And the beauty and versatility of Columbia Flooring equaled by the simplicity of his care. Maintenance is wonderfully simple - no waxing or polishing is necessary. Just sweep or dust, and talked softly Columbia Floor Cleaner. You'll have more time to enjoy family, friends and the beauty of your soil ... and less time maintaining it!

Columbia Hardwood Flooring have a rich and grainy luster that can be sanded and varnished several times. A hardwood flooring Columbia has improved durability and wear protection with a cover plate Diamond aluminum oxide makes it easy to maintain, while the beauty long. Hardwood floors are solid Columbia in 3 / 4 'thick and are constructed from a premium grade. It has a consistent color and minimal knots, mineral streaks and other natural features.

Columbia Flooring Reviews

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