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Pinnacle hardwood flooring

Pinnacle Wood Floors are available in the following collections American, cottage classiscs, Country Classics, Plantation Classics, Stoneleigh classics.

The pinnacle wood floors has unique look in the wooden houses. They are good for cleaning and long lasting.
Pinnacle Hardwood floor requires No Wax Finish

The advanced molecular ceramic coating process protects the hardwood floor with the toughest abrasion resistant finish that is available. And the crystal clear finish enables all of the ton,texture and color of the wood to shine through.
Routine maintainence is as simple as vacuuming or sweeping regularly and occasional cleaning with Pinnacle floor care products. You never need to wax or buff. Always use manufacturer directions for Pinnacle Floor Cleaner or an approved floor cleaner.
To mop the floor apply softly wet cloth. To remove stains use acetone applied to a soft wet cloth. When used Pinnacle Floor Cleaner or any other cleaners always use a dry cloth to avaoid the chemicals left over the floor. Wipe up spills as soon as possible to avoid stains.

Pinnacle hardwood flooring

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