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HomerWood Hardwood Floors

Homerwood Hardwood collection is the best choice for hardwood floors which may have dramatic consequences for the essence of the character of your home. Homer Wood offers a unique collection of authentic hand-crafted hardwood floor - Amish Hand-Scraped collection.

Homer Wood's Character Grade Hardwood flooring is a specialty product not a basic element - which differs from the norm - it is not funny. Look around a showroom, most likely you will see clearly floors in different sizes and colors. Products in stock, Homer Wood over have a distinct look - which can not be imitated.

Amish Hand Scraped flooring offers a look of genuine distress, because it is the hand by scratching Pennsylvania Dutch craftsmen in the tradition of Renaissance Woodworking time. The new boards carved by hand, one by one, unique custom floor of timeless originality and distinction. Unlike most machines today, flooring distressed, no two boards are identical and each bears the signature of the proud craftsman who created it.

HomerWood Hardwood Floor Reviews

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