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Hardwood Flooring Brands

This is a quick overview of hardwood flooring through the brands popular construction methods currently being sold. The list is in alphabetical order by brand name hardwood floors. The hardwood brands below are quite common in the U.S. and is available in the special flooring stores and home centers.

Solid Strips & Planks - for wood sub-floors, nail-down installation, use above grade only.
Engineered Wood Planks - for wood sub-floors or concrete slabs, glue, nail, or staple, use on all grade levels.

Longstrip Engineered Planks - for wood sub-floors or concrete slabs, glue, nail, staple or float, use all grade levels.

Exotic Hardwood Species - hardwood species from around the World.

Handscraped Wood Floors - distinctive markings etched into face of wood and along edges, all done by hand (not machine scraped). Each plank has a very unique look. Also called hand sculptured.

Distressed Hardwood Floors - also has distinctive etched markings in the face of wood but it is done by machine.

Glueless Installation - floors that lock together without glue, nails or staples. Also called 'clic' floors.

Hardwood Floor Brand Reviews

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