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Tarkett Wood Floors

A wooden floor is more than just a floor - is the most important piece of furniture in your house. Whether you prefer light, dark, rustic, bright, modern or classic - a Tarkett parquet floor is the best starting point for your dream home.Tarkett is a leading manufacturer of floor coverings and has a very wide range of wood surfaces and absorbed by quality products.

Our vision of Harris Wood Floors (formerly Harris Tarkett) has been very positive turn of the century. A switch of significant ownership seems to be the result of the quality of the product to hit the skids in recent years.

On a positive note, the company offers a range of hardwood distressed attractive design in a broader context of five-inch plank. Over the years the most important product was their Long Trip Collection. Unfortunately, the rescheduling and the product removed.

Tarkett Wood Floor Reviews

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